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TissueCyte 1600FC

Next Generation Automated Whole Tissue Imaging System

TissueCyte whole organ imaging platform.

The TissueCyte 1600 FC is the culmination of a decade of development and innovation at TissueVision. The whole tissue 3D imaging platform builds on the success of our proven TissueCyte 1000 system that is installed in laboratories worldwide.

It offers up to a 10X increase in imaging speed, an innovative high efficiency multi-focal optical system, and advanced tissue processing and slice collection. Its high throughput and 24/7 reliability makes it the perfect addition to individual labs all the way to imaging cores serving entire universities.

The Ultimate Whole Tissue Imaging System

The TissueCyte can image up to six whole mouse brain in parallel.

The side-by-side results will allow you to quickly draw quantitative answers to your research questions.

Its reliability and quantitative output has made it the platform of choice for major science initiatives such as the Allen Brain Institute's Mouse Connectivity Atlas and the RIKEN Brain/MINDS project.

High throughput studies mouse brains.
Automated section capture device for slide mounting.
Automated section capture device for slide mounting.

At the heart of the TissueCyte 1600FC lies TissueVision's revolutionary new SlicePlacer slice capture technology. The embedded SlicePlacer technology collects the thin sections produced by the TissueCyte and automatically sorts and mounts the sections onto indexed glass slides. The pristine sections are ready for a range of secondary analyses that can be mapped directly onto their precise location within the the whole tissue. The SlicePlacer makes it possible to image entire organs and conduct in-depth analysis of specific regions of interest with immunohistochemistry or other bio-molecular tools. Rather than wasting hours cutting and mounting sections by hand, research can focus on the relevant biology and making exciting discoveries.

Our fluorescence based multi-photon imaging technology and simple sample preparation requires no tissue clearing allows the system to work with virtually any organ or tissue type.


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