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TVI Launches the TissueCyte® 1600FC

The TissueCyte® 1600FC builds upon TVI's excellence in imaging hardware and the success of our first generation TissueCyte. The 1600FC offers greater speed, higher sensitivity, and a first-in-class, innovative, fully automated tissue section processing system that integrates with the latest Spatial Biology offerings.


TVI's innovative hardware and software offerings allows it to provide its clients with groundbreaking solutions to accelerate research and drug development programs.

Whole mouse brain imaged using TissueCyte.

High Resolution 3D Imaging


Studies are performed with our state-of-the-art imaging technology that provides histological detail over whole organs, and which has proven itself in numerous large scale research projects (Oh, et al. Nature 2014, Okano et al. Neuron 2016)

Multi-sample array of mouse brains for automated high throughput imaging.



We specialize in studies involving tens to hundreds of samples, providing clients with the necessary statistical power and reliability required to move a research program forward.

3D histology of mouse brain mapped to common coordinate atlas.

Automated Data Pipelines


3D histology can easily generate terabytes of data for a single research study. Our cloud-based analysis services can process large volumes of data and quickly provide quantitative results.

About TissueVision


TissueVision is a Boston based life sciences imaging solutions provider that works with pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic organizations to help meet the challenges of high-throughput 3D histology and whole tissue studies. TissueVision consists of experts who have been working in the field of tissue imaging and analysis for more than 25 years and understand what is needed to move a research program forward. Customers can prepare samples on their own and send us fixed tissues, which we can image and process through our standard assays. In addition, we also work with clients to develop custom assays and are capable of handling entire studies from tissue labeling through image analysis and final report.


Study Design

Tissue samples are prepared  for imaging.



Samples are evaluated by our imaging pipeline.



Datasets are analyzed by standard or custom data pipelines.  


TissueVision Consultation

At TissueVision, we work closely with all of our clients to help them make new discoveries. We are here to help you navigate the critical decisions that will make your experiment a success.


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We help you navigate critical scientific decisions.

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