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3D Tissue Imaging and Processing

The TissueCyte Imaging Platform is a whole tissue Serial Two-Photon Tomography platform that allows whole fixed tissues to be rapidly  imaged.. It is based on high speed two-photon microscopy (TPM) and integrated tissue sectioning.

Integrated tissue sectioning allows samples of arbitrary size to be imaged including entire organs in mammalian models. Two-photon microscopy assures consistent sub-micron, 3D imaging throughout the tissue with fluorescent specificity. The high quality sections that are produced as a result of the imaging and sectioning process are ideal for follow-up secondary analysis and imaging that can be mapped back to the original 3D dataset.

In addition, the sample preparation is a simple fixation and requires no optical clearing, thus preserving structural and biomolecular signatures.

3D image of vasculature in bat brain no tissue clearing required

Whole organ imaging with the ease of working from 2D sections

The SlicePlacer module seamlessly integrates into the TissueCyte platform and allows imaged slices to be mounted onto glass slides for further downstream analysis such as IHC. The slices can be re-imaged and aligned onto the original 3D whole tissue data set taken on the TissueCyte to allow in-depth molecular characterizations across entire organs.

The entire process requires no harsh optical clearing treatments, preserving maximal tissue antigenicity and is broadly compatible with a range of biochemical techniques.

The video below describes how the TissueCyte system was used in the Allen Institute for Brain Science's Mouse Connectivity Project.

 Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas © 2011. Allen Institute for Brain Science

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