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High-Resolution Whole Tissue Imaging In a Matter of Hours

TissueCyte automated whole organ imaging platform.

The newly unveiled TissueCyte 1600FC builds upon the success of the first generation TissueCyte. The 1600FC offers greater spectral specificity, an increased tissue processing rate, and higher fluorescence transmission efficiency.  It is coupled with integrated data processing and storage to create the perfect system to handle large studies ranging in the tens to hundreds of samples. 

The TissueCyte platform has been featured in numerous high profile journals and has a proven track record as a 24/7 platform for whole tissue imaging.

The TissueCyte is a whole tissue imaging system that employs TissueVision's powerful Serial Two-Photon Tomography imaging modality that combines high speed multi-foci two-photon imaging with state-of-the-art tissue sectioning to allow ex vivo organs and tissues to be imaged in a matter of hours.

Click on the Images Below to Learn More About the TissueCyte

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